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Granite is an industry leader for countertops because of its many great features.

When it comes to natural stone, granite is still the industry leader year after year. This 100% natural stone is dense, scratch and temperature resistant, and offers a huge variety in colors, surface finishes, and veining patterns. Offering the lowest entry-level price point of natural stone options, it is no wonder it leads the charts consistently. Granite is mined around the world and imported into the United States. Comprised of interlocking mineral crystals and sediment (the most common being feldspar, quartz, and mica), granite varies in density and porousness. Each lot of granite and its subsequent slabs will be as unique and individual as you are, making your selection a one-of-kind conversation piece for years to come.

Granite in Talbott, Tennessee

At Granite of the Smokies, we get plenty of requests for granite for projects in the Talbott, Tennessee area because of these features. If you’ve been on the fence about granite because you’ve heard it needs to be resealed every year, we have a solution for you. Because it is recommended that consumers seal their granite countertops, we suggest that you allow our technician to apply our 25-year sealer that virtually eliminates the need for maintenance on your granite countertops for a long time.

We have two reliable vendors that we get our natural stone from, and our products are hand-picked by Beverly based on the desires of our customers. By exercising complete quality control over the granite we offer, we are confident that we have granite that will match your project perfectly. Reach out today to learn more!

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