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You can’t beat our personalized service for all your natural stone needs.

While you could go somewhere to shop among literally thousands of natural stone slabs, here at Granite of the Smokies, we believe you’ll get a far better experience dealing with us as we hand-pick every slab, so we have only the best for our Talbott, Tennessee customers. You’ll find the process far more streamlined and enjoyable working with our husband-and-wife team who truly cares about the success of your renovation project. We have basically done the time-consuming part for you, so you can choose your natural stone slab and be on to the next phase of countertop fabrication.

Natural Stone in Talbott, Tennessee

Another benefit of turning to us for your natural stone is that you’ll get personalized service to help you choose what type of natural stone will work the best for your project. We go over the advantages and characteristics of each type, including durability, care, maintenance, and functionality. We will also explain our 25-year sealant that makes granite easier to maintain. You’ll have all the information you need to make an informed decision and be able to properly care for your natural stone countertops in the years ahead.

We are happy to help with any part of the design process because we want you to be more than pleased when your project is completed. Whether you need natural stone for your kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, pantry, garage, outdoor kitchen, or even your RV, count on us to have what you are looking for and to create your countertops to the specifications needed.

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